26 August 2012

Neil Armstrong's speech in Sydney 24 August 2011 #WinkAtTheMoon

UPDATE: The CPA have demanded that I remove this recording, so I'm very sorry if you've missed it. More details over here.

On 24 August 2011, the first person to walk on the Moon Neil Armstrong delivered a very rare and unique speech in Sydney.

Somewhat curiously, the event was the 125th Anniversary of the Certified Practising Accountants Australia. The CPA's CEO Alex Malley pulled off a real coup, based on the knowledge that Armstrong's father Steven had been an auditor.

Courtesy of my wife being a CPA, I was privileged to attend that incredible event with her.

I was, however, not going to be swayed by these signs outside the venue. They could prise the camera from my cold, dead hands...

But recording it surreptitiously meant that the video footage is near useless. Instead, I've worked today to get the audio into a reasonable state for listening.

It was a tricky balance between audience applause and the spoken word. But I hope you find it a worthwhile and inspiring 42 minutes.

I haven't published it beforehand though, not wanted to circumvent any speaking tours he might undertake.

But with the incredibly sad passing of Neil Armstrong overnight, there's a higher responsibility to get his words out there for everyone.

There was almost another hour of questions and answers - as valuable and interesting as the speech itself. I'll post that as soon as can get get the editing done.

And further, to honour the Armstrong family's wish for everyone to "look up and wink at the moon tonight", I'll be taking the telescope into the Gungahlin town centre tonight so people can do just that.

I hope people enjoy the recording, and please feel free to leave your thoughts here.

CPA Australia also published an extended interview with Armstrong. The introduction to that interview contained these prophetic words:
"Rarely, if ever again, will Neil Armstrong conduct an interview such as this."
Nor a speech like this one...

A sad sad day.