9 January 2013

Canberra's bushfire sunset last night made for tricky photography

Bushfire mountains

A smoky sunset after yesterday's bushfires scattered all around the Canberra region made for very challenging photography. For this beginner anyway. There was so much smoke, the sun was blowing out very badly. There are probably some Photoshop tricks to get around this, but I don't know them. I think the best photo is this one of Black Mountain - without the sun in it.

Sunset over the Brindabellas

I liked the way the sun was reflecting golden off the grass seedheads in this next one, looking towards the mountains from Horse Park Drive. But the sun was blown way out... A little bit of post needed: I backed off the exposure a little and lifted the shadows to try compensate for the sun:

Sunset fields

An extreme crop, just because:

Burning Sun

You can see from this phone shot that there really wasn't any need to play around with colours...

Phone shot