About me and this blog

The blog

This blog started with a fairly political focus on Australian Federal, local ACT and world issues—because shouting at the news on TV doesn't seem to work, and who bothers with letters to the editor any more? Over time, the blog has morphed into a more general way of sharing some of the many things going on in our world, with a strong emphasis on science and space. And a blog is a great way of storing interesting items so you can find them later kind of like a diary that you can share.

There was a period where the blog fell into a hole when I lost the logon details, resolved finally in the second half of 2011. With improving connections between the it and social media, blog visitor numbers have gone up a lot in late 2011. Your comments on posts are always most welcome. Feedback is fuel for the blogger!

Alan Kerlin

I live in Harrison, a newer suburb on Canberra's north, with my beautiful wife Gaylene Bell, son Jaxom and daughter Ainsley. (Jaxom was named for Anne McCaffrey's White Dragon rider and Ainsley for Ainsley Hayes—the quirky and spirited White House Associate Counsel in 'The West Wing'—our all-time favourite series.)

We live in a 6-star passive solar home that we designed ourselves, with just a simple off-the-shelf design program and a mountain of product and design research over a couple of years. It's not a beach house, although we've designed it to look a bit like one - drawing on the Sunshine Coast beach/bush house architectural that we love so much. And taking advice from the 'Hitchhiker's' oracle, it does overlook a boundary condition—the nature reserves straddling the ACT/NSW border.

If you simply can't get enough of my ramblings and rantings, you can also find me on all the social media networks: subscribe to the public posts on my Facebook page, add me to your circles in Google+, or follow my tweets on Twitter. There's something on Linked-In too, but I really don't bother with it at all.

Background-wise, I spent four years as the president of the Gungahlin Community Council, a group of community volunteers working towards making our district within the Australian Capital Territory and Canberra a better place to live in. In October 2010, I stepped down from this role, but continued to work for the Gungahlin community as GCC's spokesman for planning, transport and environment issues until February 2012. I built and managed GCC's rapidly growing Facebook community forum up until early 2012. I stood unsuccessfully for the Greens as a candidate for the electorate of Molonglo in the ACT election in October 2012.

Of course, a day job annoyingly got in the way of all these more valued past-times—working on a small business entrepreneurship program for the Australian Government. In the cracks, I'm attempting to teach myself to play guitar.

In previous lives, I've been (among other things) an elected Councillor for Maroochy Council in Queensland (see page 3 in the link), managed a great Landcare Group in Holbrook NSW, established and owned a successful computer retail business, and worked in Brisbane City Council's greenhouse and air quality team.

Born in Brisbane, my childhood years were split between Canberra, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast—the place I call my 'home', even though I'll probably never live there again.

All views expressed on this blog, and in my social media profiles connected or not to this blog, are my personal views only, and do not in any way reflect the views or policies of my employer.